Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dollar Store Inspiration

Last night I stopped at the Dollar General before going into school and I found some good deals.  Of course I had to make something to go along with them...

First up, this squiggle book for 50 gets better, it was 30% off at the register!

 I have used squiggle as a center for all of my teaching years and it is still one of my kiddos favorites!  For those who don't know what squiggle is, you start with a squiggle or a doodle and the students have to finish the doodle and make it into something.  Then when they are finished with their drawing, they write a story about it.

After many years of using the same boring sheet I thought it is time to spruce it up. Then I decided to share it with everyone and make it a freebie in Spanish or English!

What I think I am going to do is cut the squiggles from the book and glue them on these pages.  I might just handwrite the squiggles, too. I am super excited about this -- it is about time I updated my squiggle page!

Then I found these sequencing puzzles for $1.  There are 8 different puzzles in the pack -- they are kind of flimsy, but not bad for a $1.

The puzzles would be nice as a center, but I wanted to have a writing accountability piece to them too, so I created these sheets.  I originally just made the one sheet for my students (using the words I know they need), but when I decided to offer it as a freebie, I thought about the different levels (kindergarten to third grade) that might want it, so I tried to level the worksheets.

So that's all I've got for now.  I am working really hard on some cool math stuff to share with you all, I am very excited!  School is getting closer...18 days until teachers go back!


  1. The squiggle pages look fun! I've never used these before...I think I'm going to add them to my Work on Writing options. Thanks for the freebie!!!

    1. Kris - They are! I think it is such a simple thing and the kids cheer when I announce that it is one of the centers for the week. Also, it is so cool to see all 20 different ideas that the kids come up with from the same design!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my page! As soon as I figure out how to subscribe to your blog from my phone I will do it (not near my home pc because I'm visiting family). Yes, that rhymed, lol. Thanks for the freebie!

    1. Judy - You're welcome! I hope you can use them in your classroom! Thank you so much for stopping by!