Thursday, August 14, 2014

Organizing Flash Cards

Hi guys!  Today I thought I would share a little organizational idea that I had for my classroom. My students love to play with flash cards during math rotations. One of my biggest problems is how my students put the flash cards back in the basket:

It isn't that they are being careless; these boxes are already packed full of cards and when they try to put them back all at once, they rip the packs.  I could be mad about it, but I would rather find a solution that helps them be responsible enough to put their cards back nicely.

I found these index card boxes at Target for 97 cents.  I picked up 3 blue for subtraction and 3 green for addition.  I recycled the ripped boxes and now each set has their own box that the kids can easily put their cards back in.

A pretty simple solution and I am happy how organized the basket looks!  This really allows the kids to take charge of their own materials.

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