Monday, November 3, 2014

Midwest Blogger Meet-Up

Phew!  Finally sitting down at a computer, avoiding the report cards that I need to be working on, and blogging about an awesome blogger meet up I went to a couple of weekends ago!

So October 18th was the first ever Midwest Bloggers Meet-Up hosted by Jameson at Lessons with Coffee and Lindsey at Thriving in Third...  and I have to say, it was by far the best blogger meet up I have ever attended!

I will let the pictures show off the awesome time that we had...

I was nervous when I showed up at Lakeshore Learning Store in Palentine, IL... because through out all of this blogging/TpT journey I have found out that I am more of an introvert and meeting new people at the beginning freaks me out.  Well, that being said, I ended up sitting  at a table with the most awesome group of women!  I got to meet Cretia, Nicole (Beginnings with Baer), Tasia (Great Minds Teach Alike), Michelle (Teaching Ideas for Those Who Love Teaching) and Kristin (Teaching in a Nutshell).  A special shout out to Cretia for the selfie... she teaches in the same district as I do... how cool is that?!

We got to make a name plate for our classrooms using a cute little glyph that Jameson and Lindsey came up with.  It was so nice having an ice breaker... and how cute is my pencil!  Love!

Thank you Jessica (from Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten) for helping me out with some of the pics that I didn't get!  The picture above shows how much swag we got... I am in awe of the generosity of Lakeshore Learning and Creative Teaching Press; they gave us so many things for our classrooms.  My students definitely loved the new games for our English centers!

This was such an awesome afternoon. I made some new bloggy friends and had a great time! Even though we are semi-local, hubby and I ended up making it a night away and had an awesome night afterwards!  Next year the meet-up is going to be in St. Paul, MN and I cannot wait!  Hubby and I have already decided to make it a family vacation and we are finally going to visit Mall of America, too!  



  1. It was great meeting you, Bobbi! Hope all is well! We're looking forward to Minnesota next year, also.

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  2. What an awesome pencil you got to make! I'm so glad to have gotten to meet you (briefly) at the blogger meet up this weekend in French Lick! I pulled your card at the PJ party, so I really want to stay in touch! I figured out how to link your blog to my blog, so hopefully that will help you out! :) Take care and I hope you and your husband made it home safely! Oh, what is he going to do with all those pictures? Have a great night!
    Happy Days in 4th Grade

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