Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Bilingual Blog Hop

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I have to say, this is my most favoritest of holidays.  I am not sure exactly why, but I love the grilling out, picnics, and most of all:  the fireworks (yes, I am just a 8-year-old child)!  This year Hubby, Gracie, and I will be going to my sister's for some grilling and family time.  Then we will be joining some friends at the park to watch the fireworks!  I can't wait!

I am also so excited about being a part of the Bilingual Bloggers' 4th of July Blog Hop.  I can't wait to see what everyone has in store!

My freebie that I am offering is part of a bigger bundle in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Gracieface Learning.  These packs are my baby because I have been working on it for the last month and just uploaded it yesterday!  A little background before I reveal it...

Ask anyone around my school what one of my passion projects this year was and they will tell you: interactive notebooks.  I am a huge fan of them!  I even got to present district-wide last year on interactive notebooks in the classroom:

{Insert awkward PD selfie.}

My good friend wanted to do interactive notebooks with her kindergarten bilingual kiddos this year and we played around with many different styles.  After all of the trial and error, I think I finally found the perfect product!

Mis libros interactivos del abecedario are different than any regular alphabet book out there.  It seems that companies are always trying to push a translated version of their product on us!  And we know better!  Our students don't learn their alphabet letter by letter, but rather syllable by syllable (sound by sound)!  That's what I love about these books!  There are a couple of pages where the students will work on letras mayúsculas and letras minúsculas (capital and lower-case letters), but the rest is all about syllable reading.  I think these will be great in a kindergarten classroom or as intervention in a first grade classroom!

I put together a sample for everyone today in honor of our blog hop.  And it's not just a 'sample' it is the whole first book!  I think a majority of us start with letter m, so I wanted to give you a sample that you could use in your classrooms right away!

Click on the link to download the sample book!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!  Now head over to Tabitha at Flapjack Education to continue on your bloggy hop way!