Thursday, July 25, 2013

My name is Bobbi and I have a die-cut problem...

So this was the scene of my classroom last night at midnight.  I am moving classrooms so I am trying to organize everything before I put it in my cabinets and closet.  These are my die-cuts.  I have a problem -- that's the first step, right, I just admitted it.  I had four baskets overflowing of these die-cuts from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot and was kind of overwhelmed...especially when I finally stood up to take a picture.  Wow.

So I got to work and started sorting...I only put a few things to the side for the kids art box (something I have for inside recess), but the rest I kept.

Isn't this pretty?  Or am I the only one who finds organization beautiful?

After bagging and labeling everything, I tucked everything away in a drawer in my teacher's closet.

This is the most organized that it will look like all year.  I have a picture to prove that it looked this way at one point!

So!  What do I do with all these die-cuts?  I will leave that for another day....Ooh!  A cliffhanger!

Tell me, what are you obsessed with?  What do you have too much in your classroom, but will still keep on buying?  I ask this because I will keep on buying die-cuts...I can't help it!


  1. I am obsessed with baskets and organization bins. I love the yummy non primary color ones. I will keep on buying them though because I am bound to need them. Die cuts are one of them too. Dollar Tree is love.

    1. I think you are just like me...I don't just buy one pack, I have to buy two packs of die-cuts...just in case!

  2. Books! I'm definitely not into the die-cuts, but I'm way out of room for books, and I just keep buying 'em... It's a problem. I got rid of a TON of books before last year, and I'm still running out of room.

    1. I think books are my close second -- I have way too many also!