Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have been busy...and I found a cute owl!

This week has been very crazy (and it is only Wednesday!).  I have had some family stuff going on, I had class for my masters, and I finished summer school!  The last one is definitely something to celebrate!!

I also have been busy making products for my teaching store...

I had a superhero themed classroom last year and I had these CAFE posters up, but I decided to revamp them and add them to my TpT store.  I think they're pretty cool (am I a bit biased?):  I made the chalkboard ones and the colorful ones available in one pack.  They are available here in Spanish and here in English.

THEN!  I made this Encuentra la letra page for every letter of the alphabet.  It could be cool as a independent worksheet or a center, but I was thinking it would be cool to do it on an interactive board and have the kiddos come up and circle the letter.  Of course, I had to do it in both languages!

I will have to post all the goodies I have been making for my classroom at a later date...I think I {might} have found my theme!

One last thing before I owl.

So I went to Target this afternoon to get cat food, $101.57 later I walked out.  I found this little guy in the dollar spot.  I got one for Grace's playroom, one for Grace's bedroom, and one for my classroom. Hey!  They were a $1 each!

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