Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

It is official!  No school tomorrow, it's...

I saw this on Ms. Fultz's Facebook Page and I had to use it!  I love it..."because Christmas break wasn't long enough."  And yes, I miss my kiddos, but I have been loving all the time with Grace at home, so I am happy to have another day with her.  We just got hit with tons of snow in Northern Illinois and temperatures are supposed to be 15 below and up to 50 below for windchill tomorrow, so we are technically having a cold day tomorrow!

I just posted a new freebie in my Teachers Pay Teacher store (Gracieface Learning).  I originally saw this one made by Aimee Vanmiddlesworth (click here to get her English version for FREE!) and I really wanted to do this with my students our first day back, but alas it was only in English.  

So I had to make my own Spanish version (click here to get it!)....I tried to make it work for all of my students' levels.  I think they are all going to start off with the picture page and for those who can finish that, they are going to use their picture page as a brainstorming page to help them write a paragraph about their winter break.

I hope you can use this whenever you go back - either tomorrow or Tuesday...or Wednesday?!!?  :)

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