Friday, August 7, 2015

iTeach Giveaway

Hey everyone!  In addition to Bitty Bilinguals, I am also a part of two collaborative blogs: iTeach Bilinguals and iTeach Second.  I love these blogs because they are full of people who do the things that I love the most:  teaching bilingual students and teaching second grade! Well, this week we are hosting a giveaway for an iPad Air 2, a {super cute} case, stylus, and an iTunes gift card!  How awesome would that be to win for either personal use or for your classroom?!?

I have one iPad in my classroom and my students love using it! We use it quite a bit for math, but it is also a fun center for the week (one they can choose after they do their 'must do' center).  Over the years I have found quite a few apps that we love in our classroom.

We are lucky enough that our school buys Brain Pop for every classroom; that includes Brain Pop, Brain Pop Jr., Brain Pop ESL, and our favorite, Brain Pop Español!  The kids love having the power of choosing their own videos based on their interests.  They also enjoy the quizzes and activities that go along with the videos.

If you don't have a subscription to Brain Pop, you could use your iTunes gift card if you win or there are a lot of free resources in all of the Brian Pop versions.

Another favorite app in our classroom is Futaba!  The main reason I love this game is that it can be played with up to four players!  Each student gets their own side of the iPad.  I love watching the kids sprawled out on the classroom carpet, playing this game!

We started off with the free version of Futaba, which was just words and two players.  The kids loved it so much, I had to upgrade to four players!  I love games like this that help me stretch the use of one iPad in my classroom!  I like this because it is perfect for quick reading of English words, which helps my bitty bilinguals in their second language fluency.

To play this game, each student gets a side of the iPad.  A picture appears and the student who chooses the right word gets a point. It is timed, so at the end of 60 or 90 seconds, the player with the most points wins.  You can set it up to do multiple rounds, too.

Another in app purchase (hello, free iTunes card!) is an upgrade to the math version.  I finally upgraded last year and the kids loved playing the math version as well.  No, my second graders aren't doing division yet, but once you get the math pack you get addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I love it!  It gets the kids thinking quickly and I am all about the math fluency!

Make sure to click over to iTeach Bilinguals or iTeach Second TODAY (it ends August 8th) to enter and let me know of any of your favorite apps below.  I am always looking for some great apps for my students!  


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  4. thank you for updating with this, bobbi. i am really disappointed that i was late to be a part of the giveaways. keep updating if anything else comes up