Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, I made it (again!) and a First Day Freebie!

I am linking up with Tara for Monday I Made it (or as we call it here, Monday, I got the idea and my mama made it...)

We made these cute little ELA notebooks for my kiddos last week and I am excited to share them today!

 Originally I got this idea from What's the Buzz in First (from a pin that I found on Pinterest).

I had wanted to do this idea last year, but never made it around to making them.  We used our ELA notebooks practically daily last year and having to wait while the kids found their pages each time, I told myself that I must make these ribbon bookmarks this year.

We started out measuring out this cute gray chevron ribbon (I found it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!) and cut out 8 inches for each notebook.

We cut each end of the ribbon in a 'v' shape so that the ends wouldn't ravel.  

Then we glued the ribbon in the back, upside down.

And there you go, a ribbon bookmark.  I am super-excited: they are cute and hopefully this will keep my students more organized!

Now for the freebies...I have read on the blogs that a lot of people went back to school today - we go back for teacher work days on the 26th and the kids come back the 28th, so I have a little bit of  a summer left.

I made these back to school signs for teachers (or parents) for grades pre-kinder to sixth grade in Spanish and English.  I asked for some feedback on my Facebook page on the format and although I got votes for both formats, these won out.  

Click {here} to get your Spanish freebies!

Click {here} to get your English freebies!

...And speaking of Facebook.  I am trying to get enough "likes" on Facebook to be considered a real page.  So please head over to my page and like it!!  If I can become an official page I have a fan freebie in the works (I worked all night making it and watching videos to learn how to do a Fan Freebie!!).  Click {here} to be a fan!


  1. I love the bookmark idea!!! I think I'll be doing this with our readers and writers'll save so much time :)

    1. Kris - I am hoping so, I bet we waste 3-5 minutes every time trying to get everyone on the same page! :)