Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sale Day! Sale Day!

In case you haven't heard...there is a sale going on!!!

I am giving 20% off in my store and then TpT is giving another 10% off..which comes out to 28% total. I already got some things off my wishlist and I {think} I am going back for more!  I can't help it!  Just remember when you go over to Teachers Pay Teachers to use the code BTS13 when you checkout to get the full sale!

I have been working like crazy all night on some new items for my store - like I said before it is an addiction!!  Is there a program out there for this...hmmm, I digress.  Do you want to see some of my goodies?!?!

First up are my Spanish Addition Math Journal Prompts:

I really want to do more with math journaling this year, so I started off making these addition math prompts for my kiddos.  I think they could work k-2 (some being too difficult for kinder and some being too easy for 2nd -- but this will help for differentiation).  My plan is to work on some for subtraction and multiplication this weekend (in English and Spanish), so stay tuned!

Click here to explore them some more:

Then my labor of love:  my dice games.  I have been working on these for a couple of weeks and I am so excited to use them in my classroom!

Here they are in Spanish

Here they are in English

I am super-excited to use them for the games station for my Math Workshop groups.  I even thought that I would make them available to my early finishers to work on so that I don't always have to have extra worksheets available to them.  Laminate the game boards and you have an everlasting activity!

Another idea I got for my Math Workshop centers were these Spin and Graph games.  I think these are perfect for K-2 Classrooms.  I made them in Spanish and English!

Click here for Spanish.  Click here for English.

Click here for Spanish.  Click here for English.

Click here for Spanish.  Click here for English.

Ooh!  I also made some little goodies like these robot ten-frame cards and superhero ten-frame cards.  They are too cute!!
Click here for the robot ten-frame cards.  Click here for the superhero ten-frame cards.

Phew that is it!  When you are over at Gracieface Learning, grab these freebie number sense posters! 

 I will be back tomorrow with a showcase of some ELA and Spanish Language Arts items!  Have fun shopping!

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