Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Sunday

Hi everyone...lots of randoms going on this week, so I thought I would link up with Michelle from Fab-u-lous in First for a Sunday Smorgasbord:


Friday, Gracie and I decided to do a simple Mama-and-Me day.

We ate out, did some shopping for daddy at Wal-Mart, washed her hands three times after going potty because the sink was small and just too cool, and went to the Dollar Tree where I found all these die-cuts for 25 cents each.  So, I totally staged the Dollar Tree picture my throwing the die-cuts on top of Grace in the cart and she kept on asking, "¿Más?  ¿Más?"  She kept on throwing them on herself in the cart.  She is just too cute!


This is what I get for breakfast in my house.  Veggie cheese omelette with avocado on the side...on a paper plate.  Yes, we're classy like that.

I cannot cook - like, really I can't.  I am a very lucky girl that married a man who can cook and who likes to this is what I woke up to Saturday morning.


We had my nephew, Zachary's, fifth birthday Saturday afternoon.  He really in to Tae-Kwon-Do (he's a green belt!), so it was only natural that he would have his party at the dojo.  We had a really fun time and Gracie got to participate a lot (thanks, Aunt Kelli).   Side props for my hubby the photographer -- he got some awesome action shots!


We are leaving in a couple of hours for our summer family vacation.  It started off that we were going to Colorado because I have never seen the mountains.  Then we were going to stop at Mount Rushmore because I have never been there.  When my mama was diagnosed with cancer, I didn't want to travel too far so we knocked it down to Mall of America in Minnesota.  We were all set to do it, but I just felt bad going that far with my mom recovering from surgery.  I know my sister is here, but I don't want to be too far if something happens.

So I got a Groupon last week for Lake Lawn Resort in Wisconsin and our family vacation was decided on.

This is our life for the next few days, swimming (Gracie is a fish!), sitting on the porch of our resort room, and some spa time for mama (I still need that pedicure!).  I think this will be a fun end of the summer trip!

I am bringing my laptop to continue in my blogging adventure, but I am very focused on getting some quality family time in!  I can't wait to share pics when I get back!


  1. Have a great vacation!!! Love trips to Dollar Tree!!! That is how my girls are!!! They love the Teaching Aisle!!!!!!

    1. I told my mom once when I was younger that I never want to be unexcited for Back to School time (as in not being in school) and I still am: instead of a student, I am a teacher. I get so giddy about office supplies!!